LED Street Lamp

Solar-street-lamp c


Solar LED street lamp
-Integrated design without cable, simple installation
-Energy saving eco-friendly and combination of solar power and LED
-High capacity and long life lithium Life PO4 battery
-Safe and reliable rain-proof design
-Safety: over-current, over discharge, and surge protection device.
-Alumina alloy is used for main structure in order to prevent dusty
-Different power control according to time period and motion sensor
-Easy to install, ship and maintain, save shipping cost 
-CCT: 6500K-7000K
-Wattage: 30-80W
-Material: aluminum alloy
-Solar panel voltage : 18V/9V
-Certificate: CE & RoHS
-Working temperature: (-20ºC – +60ºC)
-Senor: PIR



LED Street Light

-Die-casting aluminum casing and high intensity glass cover.
-The housing and the heat sink are integrated design to cause the LED heat dissipation perfectly.
-85-265V working voltage.
-Constant current driver, no stroboscopic, with over current, and over-load protection.
-With built-in surge protection device, which greatly improves the safety factor during using.
-No blinking, no mercury lead free.
-CCT: 6500K-7000K
-Wattage: 30-80W
-Certificate: CE & RoHS