Screw Driver

 8-in-1 screwdriver set top view 2508-in-1 screwdriver set 256x192


Item: 8-in-1 screwdriver set with built in LED light
-Model: SD81L6
-3 x slotted screwdriver
-5 x Phillips screwdriver
-Material of screwdriver: steel alloy.
-LED light: 6 pcs
-3*AAA battery
-Measurement: 12×3.8×3.5 cm
-8-in-1 screwdriver set
-Light weight compact design
-LED lighting for illuminate working area
-Strong locking mechanism
-Electrically insulated heavy duty handle.
-It is good for emergence use at home, in office, in work shop or inside the car.
-It is excellent for gift item.