Waterproof backpack

Water proof backpack multi-colour     

Item:Plastic waterproof backpack
Material: PU fabric, PU fabric with handles and polyester knapsack belt
Size: 56*24
Color printing: 5 colors, or as customer’s requirement


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Item: Durable plastic waterproof backpack

Model: WFBP-1002

-PVC water-proof backpack is good for beach, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting diving, swimming, climbing, camping and other water & outdoor activities. . It can keep your belongings from rain, water, and dust, sand, dirt and moisture environment., to be safe and clean.  

-Material: high quality strong hard-wearing PVC which is durable, lightweight, and easy to carry and wash, and has excellent waterproof performance.It is heavy duty and durable materials for rough usage

-Durable, wipe-clean and easy to store.

-Eco-friendly and recyclable

-Size and shape can be tailor made to customer requirement.